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LICAP BIO makes premium 3-layer procedure face masks in Sacramento, California using the best materials sourced from the USA.  Unlike most disposable face masks available for sale today, LICAP BIO uses the highest quality sub-micron non-woven melt-blown fabric filtration material that blocks up to 98% of PFE and BFE.

Detail of the materials and process of how a quality surgical mask is made.

Why buy our Face masks?

Real protection MADE IN USA with US Materials

We are a US manufacturer responding to the COVID 19 crisis with action.  Our goal is to keep our workers employed during the pandemic producing premium quality face masks.  We looked into making cloth face masks but they offer no real protection.  What is the point of the inconvenience  without a certain degree of protection?  

We also found through purchasing surgical or procedure face masks online that many of the face masks available after the pandemic started are not offering the protection of a quality filter due to costs and availability of the materials.  The lead time for quality melt-blown filter material is nine months to one year.  With the supply crunch and material costs five to ten times or more what they were before the pandemic, most manufacturers that do not make an FDA listed and approved face mask, are using less filter material or no filter at all.  

At LICAP, we make premium face masks that use the highest quality materials produced in the United States.  In addition, we put our masks, after manufacture, through a UV sterilization process and then seal them in a plastic bag to preserve sterilization for up to two years on the shelf.  We are committed to making the best quality face masks.

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