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Made in USA Premium Face Masks

Manufacturing Quality Face Masks in the USA

Manufacturing Quality Face Masks in the USA

LICAP is building a face mask assembly line to produce high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) in our Sacramento, California manufacturing complex.  


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See the chart above to make an informed choice on personal protective equipment.  Masks should filter against liquids and micro particles to provide the best protection.   LICAP BIO USA face masks offer up to ten times the filtration of a cloth or sponge mask.  In addition, LICAP BIO USA Made face masks are UV sterilized and then sealed in packaging that can be stored for up to two years.  Latex free, fiberglass free, easy breathing and made in the USA with the best USA sourced materials.  

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All procedure face masks look the same in pictures, but there are huge differences in design, materials, craftsmanship, and sterilization.  LICAP makes premium masks with the highest quality materials and we send them through our thorough UV sterilization process before we seal them into bags.  If you have to go through the discomfort of wearing a mask every day, choose LICAP for a comfortable quality face mask.

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With our new LICAP BIO Division, we are focusing our engineering and design expertise into making Class I face masks and personal protection equipment (PPE) to ease the strain on resources needed to fight COVID-19.


LICAP is certified to ISO 9001-2015

LICAP uses the finest materials and best processes to manufacture quality products.

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